October 22, 2012

Exploring the 'burbs

I made a few decisions earlier in the year, which included more exercising and also just going out and seeing more, so in the spirit of that I've started going for walks around my suburb, down streets and up hills that I wouldn't usually drive through. There's a park nearby which turned out to be a lot bigger than I realised, full of walking tracks and amazing lookouts.

Some of the cute houses in my neighbourhood. I'm only noticing as I go for more walks, but my suburb is full of the nicest looking homes! I also had to climb a big set of stairs to get to the main road, follow by a very steep hill. I was almost ready to give up at the end of that haha.

The park is full of beautiful walking paths, earlier in the day there were lots of people walking their dogs, but as it got darker it became pretty quiet.

I think this is somewhere I'd like to go more often, as well as check out the other parks in my area. There are so many! Have you been exploring lately?

Courtney x


  1. You go lady! I need to start exploring more. I would love to start visiting my local parks. I am so bad at coming up with excuses not to though. Those first few homes are so cute.

    1. Ooh do it!! I felt so good after exploring a bit! It's funny to see cute little houses or interesting sites just a street across from where I drive, which I wouldn't have seen otherwise. I tend to use walks as procrastinating. Instead of studying I'm like "I'll go for a nice walk and clear my head" and then I come home after and don't do any study haha.

      Well, the point of this is that I'd love to see some of your neighbourhood!


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